WEBSITE LAUNCH: Showcases Florida’s Popular Go-To Destination

WEBSITE LAUNCH: Showcases Florida’s Popular Go-To Destination

Website Will Focus on Attracting More Tourists to the North-West Florida Hotspot

The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches has launched another branded website. has joined the digital world and plans to make a major splash for Florida tourism.

The sun and fun destination of Panama City Beach is regarded as one of the southern United States’ hottest travel spots, recording more than six million visitors each and every year.

The new website, which is to be managed and operated by marketing and promotions firm Collegiate Marketing Group (CMG), puts a fun and experiential spin on the north-western Florida spot, hoping to attract an audience that perhaps has not yet discovered “this emerald gem.”

“The key goal of this website is to separate itself from all the other vacation destination-oriented sites out there,” said Carm Giardina, a representative of CMG. “We plan to accomplish this by being different with our presentation and promotional approach.”

The site will be no different than any other in terms of highlighting key amenities such as hotel and condo information, restaurants, shopping spots, and fun activities. Giardina indicates that “We’ll go the extra mile with our added features such as the updated calendar of events, hourly weather updates, a cool pop-up map of the city with #panamacitybeach trending discussions, and a featured Blog section which will be updated regularly with insightful info and trending topics.”

Northern U.S. state and Canadian residents will be the main target focus via a myriad of marketing methods which will be handled entirely by CMG.

“North Florida tourism can always use the extra boost for the September – March period,” continued Giardina. “Our main objective is to promote Panama City Beach as a destination that’s just as great in the fall and winter months as it is in the spring and summer.”

Highly regarded as “the best beach this side of paradise”, Panama City Beach offers 27 miles of sugar white sandy beaches, emerald green waters along the shoreline, and boasts an average of 320 days of beautiful sunshine per year.

The weather is sub-tropical, with a year-round temperature averaging 74 degrees, what many would consider perfect weather for relaxing. The city is also known as the Wreck Capital of the South due to the large number of historic wrecks for scuba divers to explore. And for all the dolphin lovers, the area boasts one of the highest concentrations of bottlenose dolphins in the world, definitely a key reason why Panama City Beach travel is so popular.

If you’re looking for more information, please check out the website, where there’s plenty of information about hotels, attractions, dining and many more things to do in Panama City Beach, Florida. And please join in the discussion via Twitter and Facebook.

Carm Giardina
Communications for Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC