Experiential Marketing

Connecting in Memorable Ways

We encourage our clients to practice the golden rule of marketing – spend your money where your audience spends their time. We encourage everyone to experience and participate in a brand moment – the ultimate goal being to establish a connection in such a way that the consumer responds to the product emotionally. We’re able to offer clients a variety of experiential services and techniques which carry a proven track record.

Spring Break Marketing

We specialize in the Spring Break marketplace because it provides an exceptional environment to enhance or establish brand awareness and product loyalties. Clients can expand their brand visibility by the millions just by teaming with CMG on Spring Break. More on Spring Break

By activating with us during Spring Break, your brand will have access to a variety of proven success services and strategies specifically geared towards reaching the college demographic. This is an experience your company won’t want to miss!

Peer-to-Peer / On-Campus Program

When you match the brand with a passionate team, the message becomes as real, relevant and authentic as it’s ever going to get. We’ll organize a team of ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to engage potential consumers with an addictive energy, resulting in a fun, exciting and memorable brand experience for everyone involved.


Whether it’s an intimate group you’re trying to capture or a national level campaign, our event service mission is to ensure that your company’s event reaches maximum awareness by way of informing, entertaining and persuading targeted consumers, giving your brand the energy and atmosphere it demands, ultimately delivering an unforgettable experience.

Concert Tours

In addition to other experiential components, CMG makes use of the power and influence that today’s most popular celebrities have over the college demographic. Through our huge on-site spring break and college campus events, we are able to project that power and influence onto the student landscape.