Announcement: Collegiate Marketing Group is now CMG Media Agency

Announcement: Collegiate Marketing Group is now CMG Media Agency

The Full Service Marketing and Communications Agency is Still Focused on the College Market

Collegiate Marketing Group has announced it will offer its services under a new, abbreviated brand name: CMG Media Agency.

The name change will not distract from the main focus of the company, which is collegiate marketing. It will however, allow the company to broaden its scope and engage in other projects that may or may not have an association with their targeted demographic.

CMG Media is a full service marketing and communications agency with a proud specialty in promoting leisure and lifestyle brands that specifically target the youth market through a variety of digital and experiential marketing services.

“We felt it was important to officially re-brand our name in order to help diversify ourselves more, even if the college space is still our number one priority,” said Carm Giardina, a representative of CMG Media Agency.

Although CMG prides itself in being primarily an experiential services agency (ie: Spring Break and On-Campus markets), the company is keen to provide more digital and branded video services for its clients. And that’s why “the CMG Media brand name is more appropriate for those brands perhaps wanting to explore our digital and video marketing service options,” said Giardina.

The company’s website and logo has also been given an update and a new web address has been created to reflect the corporate change. Giardina says that updating the website “allows our potential customers to see that we have not only adapted, but that we’re also a company focused on staying current.” The new website address is, however their previous branded address will redirect.

As for the company logo, it too has undergone slight alterations. Previously, the logo emphasized the initials ‘CMG’ with the full name of the company spelled out underneath. Now, ‘Collegiate Marketing Group’ has been replaced with the words ‘Media Agency’. The CMG lettering has also been given a color change (the M and G are now blue) and the target at the center of the ‘C’ has also been modified.