Together, They’re a Match Made in Student and Corporate Heaven

By Carmelo Giardina

Since the dawning of social media’s power and influence on the student landscape, major live events have never been promoted with so much authority.

Sporting events, concerts, awards shows, and occupation rallies have all been fueled by the credence and clout of social media. And if used properly and strategically, the message can be delivered with such viral verve, that even the smallest corners of the earth can’t ignore it.

In recent years, College Spring Break has been given a social media boost, propelling the annual student party tradition into a global brand. Social media sites and pages dedicated to spring break in Panama City Beach alone number in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The northern Florida destination is widely regarded as ‘The Spring Break Capital of the World’ due to the over half a million students that flock there each year. No other destination can come close in terms of numbers.

Collegiate Marketing Group, a student marketing company specializing in spring break promotions for Panama City Beach, is affiliated with no less than ten social platforms promoting Panama City Beach as the Spring Break go-to destination.

CMG administers the http://www.pcbeachspringbreak.com website, highly touted as the official website of Spring Break in Panama City Beach. In March 2011, the website reported over 80,000 unique visitors for just the one month – its prime period. March 2012 saw 300,000 unique visitors – almost quadruple the amount reached in 2011.

Perhaps much of the website’s success can be attributed to its affiliated social media platforms, pointing students and fans towards the site – arguably the ultimate goal.

Facebook platforms such as www.facebook.com/pcbeachspringbreak and www.facebook.com/panamaniaccard are key drivers, constantly pumping the website’s information onto the social scene. The pcbeachspringbreak facebook page has amassed nearly 75,000 fans – easily declared as the most followed Spring Break fan page in the world today – and that number continues to grow.

Twitter has also been a key driver in promoting and selling the Spring Break brand. Keeping with Panama City Beach and the pcbeachspringbreak brand, their @springbreakpcb handle has reached nearly 4,000 followers and continues to grow steadily.

Other platforms, such as @panamaniaccard, @springbrkguide, http://www.springbreakguide.com, http://springbreakfunplace.com and http://www.panamaniacclubcard.com are all helping to drive interest in the Panama City Beach destination, and all of these media outlets are administered by Collegiate Marketing Group.

Companies have been buying into spring break and its influence for years now.

Daytime beach marketing during Spring Break brings unparalleled opportunity to engage the trendsetters of tomorrow through branded activities, contests, promotions and giveaways.  In addition to working on a tan, the students that travel to Spring Break are the same students that set trends on college campuses nationwide. This event gives  corporate clients an opportunity to reach their target audience and get their message or brand in front of a huge group of student influencers.

It’s become a massive business being on Spring Break. The corporate world has embraced it. Students are clearly the driving force in setting trends and corporate brands from all over the world recognize that the “next big thing” can easily be conceived during spring break.

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