Spring Break Marketing: What It’s All About

Spring Break Marketing: What It’s All About

Spend Your Money Where Your Audience Spends Their Time

Spring Break comes once a year, and has become less known for being a spring “break” for students in college and university than it has for being the largest student “event” of the year. Its traditional festive atmosphere has spread out to include not just students, but those Gen Y’ers who have since graduated and are either making up for lost time, or want another kick at the party can.

Spring Break, like the week leading up to the Superbowl, or the Olympic Games, has become a massive event and a brand unto itself.

With an atmosphere that can have even the most modest of students head-bopping to the loud music and joining in a game of beach volleyball, a true American Spring Break – according to most students who travel during their week off from school – takes place on the sunny beaches of either Florida or Texas.

Spring Break 2014 will see an estimated two million students travel to various destinations. Of those two million, about a million will make Florida their primary getaway – Panama City Beach entertains half a million alone each year, while other spots including Daytona Beach, South Beach Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando will cover the other half of the numbers. Approximately 150,000 students will venture to South Padre Island in Texas and the rest will disburse throughout other hotspots such as Lake Havasu (Arizona), Las Vegas, parts of California, and Cancun and other parts of Mexico.

The Golden Rule of Spring Break Marketing: Spend your money where your audience spends their time.

For companies that have their sights set on targeting the young adult market, Spring Break provides an exceptional environment to enhance or establish brand awareness and product loyalties. Companies can expand their brand visibility by the millions simply by marketing to students on the beaches, hotels, and night clubs.

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Spring Break Photo courtesy of Collegiate Marketing GroupDaytime beach marketing during Spring Break brings unparalleled opportunity to engage the trendsetters of tomorrow through branded activities, contests, promotions and giveaways. In addition to working on a tan, these students that travel to Spring Break are the same students that set trends on college campuses nationwide.

This event gives corporate clients an opportunity to reach their target audience and get their message or brand in front of a huge group of student influencers.

Collegiate Marketing Group (CMG) has been a leading agency for Spring Break marketing and promotions for four years, making Panama City Beach their main priority for clients who want to reach massive numbers.

At a recent Panama City Beach, Florida Tourist Development Council (TDC) meeting, there was unanimous approval to double its marketing agreement with CMG and continue the partnership for a fourth straight year.

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CMG has been dedicated to promoting the northwest Florida destination as the place to be not just for students to travel to each Spring Break, but also for brands such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, and many others to promote their products.

“Although we set up our main camp in Panama City Beach each year, we’re also very active at other destinations,” assured Carm Giardina, a representative of CMG. “We do plenty of business in Daytona Beach, South Padre Island, Lake Havasu Arizona and even Myrtle Beach – enabling us to offer clients a broader spectrum when it comes to spring break opportunities.”

By activating with CMG during Spring Break, brands have access to a variety of proven success services and strategies specifically geared towards reaching the college demographic.

Spring Break Photo courtesy of Collegiate Marketing Group“Our strong and wide networking range allows us to team up with the biggest and best located condos and hotels, the most popular night clubs, and today’s hottest celebrities in order to provide our clients with an unmatched capability to reach their market,” stated Giardina. “It’s an experience your company shouldn’t miss out on!”

CMG’s Spring Break services and opportunities for your brand can include:

–          Beach Branding

–          Stage and Concert Events

–          Activity Sponsorship

–          Club Events

–          Sampling and Swag Giveaways

–          Hotel Property Partnerships

–          Digital Advertising

–          Social Media Campaigns

For more information on how you can activate your brand with CMG, please visit www.cmgmediaagency.com