Spring Break in Panama City Beach is Still Students’ Best Choice for 2016

Spring Break in Panama City Beach is Still Students’ Best Choice for 2016

bbt spring break promoLocal Businesses Want to Assure College Students: “We’re Still Number One!”

Panama City Beach, FL – Panama City Beach’s local business owners want to assure college students nation-wide that they intend on having Panama City Beach remain as the “Spring Break Capital of the World” in 2016. In fact, the business community is teaming up to put on the biggest Spring Break yet.

As students head back to school, the discussion topic of ‘where do we go for Spring Break’ begins. In fact, students have already begun booking their hotel packages in hot anticipation.

“We want to send a very positive message out to students, and that is that we will remain the biggest and best go-to destination for college Spring Break”, said Carm Giardina, a representative of CMG Media, the firm responsible for a significant portion of the spring break marketing and promotion to students.

Speaking on behalf of many of Panama City Beach’s local business owners, including hotels and condos, restaurants, bars, night clubs, and many other businesses, Giardina underlines the fact that “we are all united in our effort to provide students with a fun, safe and memorable spring break 2016 experience.”

“We understand that some students may think that Panama City Beach isn’t interested in having Spring Break anymore”, continued Giardina. “We can assure you that this is not the case.”

Giardina also outlined major reasons why college students continue to come back to Panama City Beach for Spring Break year after year:

Accessibility – whether you’re driving or flying, Panama City Beach is very accessible, making this a popular reason why students keep coming here.

Affordability – Panama City Beach has always been the budget friendly destination. There are virtually hundreds of hotels and condos that offer rooms priced to fit the student traveler budget.

The Best Nightlife – Panama City Beach is able to proudly boast that they have some of the best nightlife in the world courtesy of famous, massive sized venues including Club Lavela, Spinnaker Beach Club, Sharky’s Beach Club, Harpoon Harry’s, Hammerhead Fred’s, and The Sandpiper Beacon’s Tiki Bar. All these clubs are 18 to enter.

The Biggest Daytime Beach Event – Now over 20 years in existence, the Beach Bash Music Fest is Spring Break’s number one daytime beach event. The 2016 edition promises to be the biggest yet, and will feature top national performing acts in both the country music and EDM genres over a two day period. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this huge event.

More parties and events (both day and night) than anywhere else!

27 miles of the best, white sandy beaches in the world!

Hotels are currently booking rooms at early-bird discounted rates, allowing students to save even more if they book their rooms well in advance of the peak booking time. For more information on hotels and bookings, plus all other Spring Break destination info, please visit the number one Spring Break website at www.pcbeachspringbreak.com.