Panama City Beach ‘Value Season’ Has Arrived

Panama City Beach ‘Value Season’ Has Arrived

Panama City Beach is coming off an unforgettable summer tourism season. Families from all over the United States and Canada visited the “world’s most beautiful beaches” in record-setting fashion, significantly driving the Gulf Coast’s exposure to new heights. But as we begin to enter the Fall season, business owners situated within the North-West Florida hotspot aren’t gloating, rather they’re preparing for a bit of a break.

Despite record numbers, businesses are well aware that once summer is over, it’s typical to notice a down-swing in the tourism industry. After all, it’s back to reality for many families, as work and school begin to once again dominate our lives.

Beaches become much less dense with frolicking kids and sun-bathers. The Gulf is noticeably lacking swimmers and parasailers. Malls and other beach stores are less crowded. And with that, hotels begin their annual value season.

Right now, anyone wishing to travel to Panama City Beach, Florida can take advantage of the ‘value season’ – simply meaning, many of the beach’s accommodations are offering guests much lower rates than that of the peak summer season. As is the case with any vacation destination, rates typically continue to drop as the year draws to a close, along with the volume of entertainment and activities on offer.

It’s not an ‘I give up’ attitude, but rather a natural course of action when you’re dealing with the tourism business. And hence, it’s a great time to take advantage of some very affordable rates and stay packages if you’re someone who prefers to wait until the slower season to book that relaxing getaway.

Hotels will offer incentives including free nights for longer stays. The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, for example, is currently offering rates at almost 50 percent lower than the peak of the busy summer season. On top of that, they are also offering free night specials including Pay 2 stay 3, pay 3 stay 4, and pay 5 stay 7 for certain stays. Not bad at all.

“It’s not just the financial incentives that make this the perfect time of year to visit,” says Patrick Hazard, General Manager of the Sandpiper Beacon. “Right now the climate is beautiful and not as humid as it can get during the peak of summer. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are still warm and the beaches are much less crowded, meaning much shorter lines and wait times at Panama City Beach attractions and restaurants.”

So if you’re not tied down with school or work, it’s a great opportunity to travel to “world’s most beautiful beaches” and enjoy the perks of the season. You’re bound to have a great time, and your wallet is sure to reward you as well.

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