INFOGRAPHIC: Is Generation Y Lazy?

INFOGRAPHIC: Is Generation Y Lazy?

An Insight Into Why The Smartest Generation is Hardly Working

Last month, our Blog team ran a series of blogs that discussed Youth Marketing and Generation Y hoping to help enlighten and inform today’s businesses wanting much-needed direction on establishing brand awareness and a social connection to today’s youth demographic.

In the blog titled “What Generation Y Really Wants”, we uncovered the fact that 76 million Gen Yers are storming our small businesses and larger companies with great expectations that include a long list of work-related demands – the most important of those demands being work-life balance.

It’s been discovered that Gen Y workers are in fact willing to lose their jobs if they no longer find meaning in the work they do. But it can also be argued that they’ll quit if their work-life balance isn’t meeting their scaled expectations.

For example, did you know that 39% of workers aged 18-24 say they would rather quit their job if they were told they couldn’t use Facebook while at work?

Which brings us to the following question: Is Generation Y really less productive than older generations?

According to a study and resulting infographic courtesy of Compliance and Safety, those born after 1980 waste an average of 1.95 hours per day while those born in the 50s waste an average of just 0.68 hours per day.

Breaking it down even further, the team at Compliance and Safety found that the average worker admits to wasting three hours out of an eight hour work day (44% are distracted by the internet, 23.4% are wasting time socializing with co-workers, and 1.3% are actually applying for other jobs!).

To see more on how our most educated generation are apparently “Hardly Working”, feel free to view the infographic.