Collegiate Marketing Group Continues Coca Cola Spring Break Guide Tradition

Collegiate Marketing Group Continues Coca Cola Spring Break Guide Tradition

Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC (CMG) is proud to announce the continued publication of the Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide.  The annually released publication, which has kept college students in the know about Spring Break destinations and events for almost two decades, was picked up by CMG who will now manage and market the brand. Questions had surfaced over whether to call time on the guide, which was beginning to appear dated. Many assumed it had simply given way to social media and other forms of digital technology.

The team at CMG, ever aware of the guide’s need for a face lift, knew that demand was still there, and so began inquiring. When the company was able to confirm that they would continue the guide, the next step was keeping Coca-Cola on board as its main sponsor. CMG can now officially confirm that the guide’s long lasting partnership with Coca-Cola will remain intact.

The  project also involved discussions on improving the guide’s image and appeal – not to mention upping its distribution reach from 160,000 to 500,000 printed copies.

The Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide is known to be a significant Spring Break resource and is an anticipated fixture among college campuses throughout the United States. This coming January’s release will mark the 20th anniversary.

In addition to an updated print version, an online guide (  will be developed with direct links to the participating advertisers’ websites.  CMG will also be implementing SEO and other digital media techniques in order to drive traffic that will give advertisers even greater visibility and audience reach.

CMG provides North America-wide marketing and promotion services to corporate brands and local merchants who are specifically targeting the student market. CMG is also the leading Spring Break marketing company for Panama City Beach, FL.

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